there is nothing mandatory

AvatarGrinner Hester

there is nothing mandatory in a wedding video and very little that’s remarkable. Truth is it’s usually an after thought (hence no budget put aside for video) and more often than not, they’d be best off just letting uncle bob shoot it. I can tell you when you edit these to make them watchable the first thing you hear is “where is the part that such and such happened!?” That said, the ceremony is left alone other than cutting the different shots together and doctoring up the audio. The creativity comes witht he reception. This is where you can make lil music videos, photo montages, ect. To me, it’s where their money goes and what sets a pro video apart from uncle Bob’s. It’s ironic… the still photographer is the first to be called… before the cake chic even. They have no problem giving thema couple grand to snap some stills and hand em to em but when a video dude says 4 grand they look at him like he’s crazy. The crazy thing is, there are many who will do it for less than 10 bucks an hour rather than stick to their rates… bringing them right back to uncle bob quality… who will do it for beer.

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