There is no one answer to

AvatarKevin Mc

There is no one answer to your questions. The best DSLR, is the one you can afford, which carries the right specifications for your ongoing work (thinking beyond the scope of the upcoming wedding. Then you have to consider lenses. If your shooting video, the lenses must have some form of optical image stabilization built in. You might consider a camera with good focal tracking features, to keep moving targets (like the couple walking towards or away from you) in focus. As the sun sets, you’ll be looking for additional lighting, and a wider apperature lens. Personally, I would take your Canon 70D down to the beach some night before the event and shoot a ton of test footage. It’s a decent camera and should get the job done. If your going to use audio from the camera, get a good mic. On-camera mics are garbage.

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