There is no doubt your cam


There is no doubt your camera will not have a Firewire port; Firewire was not invented until after 8mm was phased out. On the other hand, when you spoke of your connector, you didn’t mention the model or make, but an Analogue-to-Digital (AD) converter would come with software to make capturing the video simple & straightforward. I sounds like you already have the burning to DVD part down, so I want to move on to making the capture process work well.

You describe your 8mm videos as really old. Really old translates to loose oxide on the tapes. You must take precautions to prevent your 8mm camcorder from clogging the heads & to stop playing back the tapes. The first thing you need to do is retension the video tape before attempting to play it back. Retensioning a tape consists of FF to the end and RW back to the start. It will help the tape play back smoothly and get much of the loose oxide off the tape itself. But old tapes will still lose much more oxide than even cheap new tapes. So you really want to keep the scanning forward or back and pausing to a minimum.

You will also want to have an 8mm/Hi8 tape head cleaner to run for a few seconds every three to five tapes played back in the camcorder. You want to sweep the oxide buildup off before it gets packed in and needs special cleaning, so don’t wait till the image quality goes down before running the tape through. (BTW this is a horrible thing to do when you don’t have to, so use the tape often only when you are trying to archive video on old tapes.)

Hope this helps. You’re gonna love the video from way back when, and your folks will love the DVD’s even more.

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