There is no “closer to a d


There is no “closer to a drop frame format”. It’s either drop frame or it’s non-drop frame.

I did some timing tests and here are the results using the identical video for each test.

Ruler set to “Time” – 01:09:04:240

Ruler set to “SMPTE 30 (30 fps, Audio)” – 01:09:04:07

Ruler set to “SMPTE Non-Drop (29.97 fps, Video)” – 01:09:04:09

Ruler set to “SMPTE Drop Frame(29.97 fps, Video)” – 01:09:00:03

The first three are close enough to each other to, IMO, be considered identical in length.

Drop Frame mode is where the discrepancy shows up and I’m sure this is what you’re seeing.

BTW, I found the white paper I mentioned earlier.

I see no way of posting attachments here so give me an email address if you want it and I can send it to you (4 MB. PDF).


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