there is much I can say, b


there is much I can say, but i’ll just keep it simple…

since you’re considering FCP, I guess I could recommend

It cost money, but sometimes you just gotta pay up instead of wasting time searching for half-assed solutions to your problems or education.

macpro will give you detailed basics of what to do….

I used their DVD studio pro lessons to refresh my dvd skills after not using that particular program for several years…I had to refresh my skills and didn’t have time to mess around.

Macprovideo is very organized and efficient, but the guys voice and the 3 second music intro between lessonscan get annoying.

video training like casino game training will teach you how to play, but they won’t necessarily teach you how to win….that is your responsibility.

Also, free tutorials are very helpful….especially once you get the basics down depending on what you want to learn. will give good qualityefxtraining for free…

I’ve found the best free training comes from those that are trying to teach people how to use applications so that they can sell their products…it gives them an incentive to give good training.

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