There is another reason wh


There is another reason why FCP is so popular.

It is one hell of a good piece of software that fulfilled a need in the industry when it came out.

The idea that has been expressed here that AVID or FCP are bad because some of the people on this forum who tried to pick them up and use them without taking a class or going through some kind of instruction had a problem is wrong. The person who described AVID as ass backwards because they didn’t understand the logic behind the work flow demonstrates the ego-centric nature of many computer users. These programs are not intuitive and probably can’t ever be, every professional level application that I have ever seen has a learning curve, every one of them. The more applications you know well the easier it tends to be to pick up new software that follows a similar design pattern. However, this can lead to problems when you try to learn something that is significantly different.

If you leaned Vegas and then pick up FCP you will probably approach FCP expecting it to behave like Vegas does. This will inevietably lead to frustration. While some programs are very similar to each other (FCP and Premiere Pro being two examples) many are not. This doesn’t make a program “ass backwards” or “wrong”, it simply means that the logic and design behind them are different. Since many people on the forum think so highly of Vegas Pro, I downloaded the trial. Because of my background using FCP and PP, Vegas while pretty easy to figure out just seems off, since it doesn’t follow any of the standards that I have become used to for video editing applications. This doesn’t mean that Vegas is bad, just that it follows a different set rules for how I am expected to work in it.

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