There is another feature l


There is another feature like this that does not involve scratching the disk. But is does involve knowing how the VOB files are formatted. Much like it is decribed above you can make a black part of the video, which is a part that is never played by the dvd player, so your intro chapter is set after the black video. then you can supposedly edit the VOB file so that the parity bits (error checking codes) do not match the intended information. So when someone tries to Rip the DVD they will get a Cyclic Redundancy Check:

This should in theory do the same thing as scratching the disk, but you will not have to make guesses and it will be uniform to all disks that are burned. Now I have never done this myself. and I do not know the VOB format so as to how to do this or where the parity bits are located I have no idea. But I have seen it done of professional DVDs.

Mind you it is still possible to get around such hinderances, but it involves removing parts of the VOB file BEFORE ripping and some other things.

I can do more looking into this for you is you want me to.

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