There is also so much cont


There is also so much controversy around that organization. Just the tip of the iceberg: Less than 1/3 of the $ given to this group has been used for said cause. There is millions unaccounted for and they have avoided a full audit. Most of that footage is more than 5 years old, and according to many people FROM Uganda, he has not made much noise in that country for about 5 years. The side they are teaming with has done many of the same crimes the LRE is accused of – so who really IS the bad guy? Then the video itself seems to boast more about the organization itself rather than the cause it is supporting.

In my opinion there are many reputable charities out there. So far in my gut I feel that this is not one of them and scares me what they are doing with the millions unaccounted for. There is quite a bit more information out there on this group if you do research.

Yes I agree this Kony is a bad guy – but there is also a lot of holes in this story that need to be brought to attention.

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