There does come a point wh


There does come a point where it is the equipment that holds you back – I have reached this point myself but don’t see getting past it for a couple of years yet.

That said, I can create a significantly better finished product than several folks I have seen that shoot with prosumer or professional gear.

It all depends on a combination of native talent, acquired skill and practice. I am one of those folks who believes that anyone can learn a technical skill and practce it until they become proficient. It takes more than that (IMHO) with to create quality video (same as photography) – You have to have an “eye” and take the time to develop it – and never stop – it is a never ending process (no matter how good you are, you can always get better).

A couple of years ago (when I was nowhere as good as I am now) I had my company’s director of corporate communications come to me in a panic – She had paid a production company (one that had a good reputation) $50,000 (yes, fifty thousand dollars) to come up with a five-ten minute piece the chairman of the board was goign to use at a meeting of all the company’s senior management team – She first saw the product on a Thursday and it was supposed to be used the following Tuesday – In short, it was lousy (big time). Due to my creating a couple of short, corporate videos for others in the company, she knew I could do some decent work. I was able to work through the weekend and create a killer presentation (for free mind you – they did pay me well for my real job however) and the chairman was thrilled! (as were many of the corporate officers). All this with a decent royalty free library (music, photos, stock videos, animations, etc…) and a Sony Handycam HC-40, my own voiceover (OK – I can do that well) and some skillful editing.

When I used to teach photography, I used to tell my students to use the least feature laden camera they could, so they could learn the basics without relying on the gizmos to help you (look up the equipment Ansel Adams used). I’ve told (and proved to) many folks who came in with high end Nikon’s and Canon’s that I could outshoot them with a Kodak Brownie.

So while I would really like that Sony PMW-EX3, it’ll have to wait a few years while I am still paying off the HDR-SR11. In the meanwhile, I still plan on crafting good video.

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