“There are virtual tour co


“There are virtual tour companies that create “Ken Burns” slideshows with HDR images, some look really great, but in the end it’s just a pan of a still image and does not give the feel of video.”

You ever look at some peoples marketing materials and say to yourself “I could do that better”?

The truth is in some businesses cost and convenience over-ride quality… A real estate agent wants fast and cheap, your job is to balance that with quality. You likely won’t hear an agent complain about a pan off a still image as much as you’ll hear complaining when you ask the agent to meet you at 5:00 am to shoot a property, when the guy has ten or twenty properties he needs filmed….

If your agent is trying to sell a million dollar mansion, and buyers are out of state or country, he’ll jump at the 5:00 am photo/video shoot to help show the place in the best light…. other than that, you can bank on being given a list of 5 properties that need to be shot in one morning, and delivered the next day, or he’ll get his cousin to do it for nothing argument… A compromise is needed, more oft than not.

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