There are two kinds of


There are two kinds of shooting involved. In one scenario you have a client who hires your camera, and you as the operator, to shoot some footage. You shoot, get paid and hand over the footage. You’ve been paid for your labor, expertise and artistry.

The client is free to do anything with the footage he or she wants, to edit it in-house or perhaps to hire you to edit the piece. If you’re hired to edit the work you shot the client is still in charge. The client is paying for the work and is free to make decisions regarding what the finished product looks like. What the client does with your footage if they edit it in-house won’t reflect on you in any way. If you’re afraid it might, insert a clause in your contract that forbids you name being used in the finished product it if isn’t edited by you.

Think of this kind of situation as comparable to creating a brick wall for a friend’s garden. You lay brick all day and get paid as the sun sets. You retain no equity in the wall and can’t complain if your neighbor plasters over it a month later.

The second scenario is where you create a personal video. You finance it, shoot it, edit it and retain copyright and distribution rights. Full responsibility and ownership is yours.

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