There are two basic elements


There are two basic elements that make a successful manager (and yes, that’s what a director is). The first is to plan everything. Every shot needs to be not only known by you, but written down and thought through in detail. That may seem over the top for something like this, but if it’s your first you want it to work. Keep the plan simple. Simple means less things can go wrong, and you can focus on making those simple shots look their best. Make a checklist, don’t forget anything. Stay organized.

The second most important rule is to use your resources properly. By resources I mean people. A director doesn’t have to know everything. That’s something a lot of newbies get in their heads. All a director has to do is be able to fill in the gaps when they don’t know something. Rely on the people around you, take suggestions whenever possible.

Secondary advice: too much footage is easy to edit. Not enough footage is hard to make up for. When you don’t have enough experience to know exactly how much to shoot, just shoot more in case it comes up. If you stayed organized you’ll know which shots you definitely need, so if those work the extras won’t bog you down. But how much of that you need to worry about depends on what exactly you mean by ‘director’.

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