There are some sweet rigs


There are some sweet rigs that will help develop a shoulder mount environment for smaller hand-held models. I have no problem with AVCHD format, and that is where I’m headed sometime this year when I also “upgrade” to HD from my pair of Canon XL1 units and my GL2.

Though I’ve been really fond of the Canon lens quality, AND its superior stabilization (IMHO), having tested Sony units with stabilization – that was, of course, back when I was testing the Canon units from which I now will be upgrading.

My choices are narrowed down to the JVC GY-HM100 and the Panasonic HMC-150 but if Canon (with its superior glass (THE LENS) factor) come up with an SDHC model in that price range, that will widen the mix for me.

Being a tape model, and while I at one time would have considered the outmoded HV40, I wouldn’t go there. Nor am I particularly fond of harddrive units. If I am going to re-invest and move to HD I want a unit that eliminates the tape drive, its wear and tear, and noise levels, and go with something that will speed up my conversion time from what I now experience, having to digitize all my footage before I can get creative, or even edit.

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