There are plenty of ways to

AvatarJackson Wong

There are plenty of ways to show time passing, just as Chuck mentioned.


Here's a few, though the fade to black is probably the most professional:


-fixed closeup of a clock, you may add crossfades here


-fixed closeup of a calendar being flipped


-wide shot of the outside of a building or city with the sunrise or sunset.


(stock footage may apply for the three above)


-"waiting room" for this one, LOCK down your tripod in a wide shot of a still area, then shoot multiple takes of your character going about waiting, pacing, stretching. These are then slowly crossfaded in editing.


-clock wipe: a little cheesy, often combined with a swoosh sound effect


– in the animated feature Bolt: the dog is put into a box, in a moving truck with the gate slammed down. CUT to Black, sound effect of an airplane flyby and CUT. – the time and place have now changed.


Delano Samuels, complete this project and good luck doing so!

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