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There are no special features on the “Avatar” BRD so that people will buy the “Special Edition” when it comes out in 3 months to coincide with the re-release of “Avatar” in the theaters with 3 extra minutes of footage. Which will also be released on BRD 6 months later, and again 6 months after that (with additional footage). If George Lucas taught me anything, it’s that re-packaging an old product will get morons to buy another copy of it at a premium.

BRD has to be on its way out.
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BRD sales are lackluster because of cost, the economy, and a perceived quality that isn’t worth the extra money – especially when an upscaling DVD player will bring your old DVDs to a similar level of quality.Physical media is on the way to becoming a dinosaur struggling for relevancy. The fact that TV sets come with capability to stream HD movies built in should tell you what the TV manufacturers think about the future of BRD.

Alright soapbox. I’m done…

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