There are MANY industries,


There are MANY industries, software among them, where 3rd party developers, users and assorted professionals invest time energy and money into expanding on the base only to find that base gone for a myriad of reasons from mismanagement to simply the whims and disfavor of the consumer/user.

Change is inevitable and with it come those who are washed along in a wake of doing it over. You think people who write books for dummies believe their products will have infinite shelf life, that today’s favored cold remedy will be tomorrow’s “go to” product, that last year’s SEO tome will continue to be the up-to-date resource, or even the tools you once invested in for standard U.S. measure, those Craftsman and other brands that last forever without wearing out didn’t eventually have to be replaced or added to a full metric set.

We’ve biiiitched about 4-track to 8 and 8-track to cassette with quarter-inch and smaller widths. We’ve moaned the loss of floppy 5-inch-plus floppies to 3.5’ers. We’ve lamented going from NO floppy to USB, Firewire, IDE, SATA, 5400 rpm, 7200 rpm, 10,000 rpm HDs. And the list of changing technology goes on and on and …

… on.

Granted, nobody fussed much about the move from VHS to S-VHS, digital and beyond. Well, some did … those who had to purchase new units, new batteries, new cables and new recording media, change their editing approach, etc. due to flat out replacement of “whatever.” And all the books, how-to videos and other stuff that was good while it lasted for linear, digital, etc. editing, editing systems or even editing standards.

Just saying, there’s a LOT of pundits from both sides of the street out there, just as we have armchair coaches and umpires … people who know better but not really. There’s a lot of stuff being parroted by people who simply have NO idea … “I didn’t READ the health-care bill, but …” what’s what, just joining in on the “I know better” than this company or that corporation. Hey, where’s their billion dollar buffer.

The solution to all this Apple brouhaha is simple: buy it and use it, or not test it and critique it, nor not; keep using FCP Studio versions, or not. Under the present situation everybody using some favorite version of FCP still has the option to do just that. All the 3rd party stuff is still available, notwithstanding Apple’s current withdrawal of the favored Studio version from sales, and the software, and the OS and the machines to make it work. All the books, manuscripts and stuff are valid for the respective users of that particular version or product.

Nobody TOOK AWAY anything from the established users. They still have what they had and this industry like any other has to go with the flow and adjust, fall back, regroup, repurpose or go away based on what they can or cannot adjust to.

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