There are lots of things t


There are lots of things to do it. They range from 20$ to $10,000. The cheapest being little mirror boxes you project in one side and video off the other. People say the quality varies alot between makers, from bad to ok, theres lots of them on ebay. Problem is those movies are played at something like 14 or 16fps, and most lower cost video camera record only at 30fps, so the picture may seem to flicker some as the frames go in and out of sync. If you have a projector with variable speed, you can adjust it until the flicker is gone, then compress or expand the the time when editing you video to return it to the correct speed.

I believe how the pros do it is the film is scanned, as opposed to being projected and recorded. Once each frame is scanned then it is converted to play at the correct fps by expanding it and duplicating some frames, then the sound is added back on. Those machine are very expensive and you would need to have a movie copy business to make use of something like that.

Search for telecine and you will get all kind of equipment.

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