There are GREAT, affordabl


There are GREAT, affordable services “out there” where the companies do not charge an arm and leg, or your first-born, in order to provide a timely and professionally produced video presentation. There are, as has been implied by Birdcat, elements of production that are easier to get from qualified service providers whose final product will fall well under the expense of investment and time taken to learn the process. You will come out of the gate looking better and being less frustrated by going this route unless, of course, you DO have qualified personnel on staff – but then if THAT were the case you would not be asking these specific questions.

Where are you located. My company, for example, provides experienced, qualified professional service, quick turnaround and affordable rates. πŸ™‚

Or, if NV stands for Nevada, then there’s a company called Shaw Video Productions, reliable and professional – ask for Joan and tell her Earl sent you.

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