There are definitely a couple


There are definitely a couple idio… I guess I will call them ignorant people that have posted on this thread. Perhaps they have never heard of the “soap opera effect” and the role of 24fps in the suspension of disbelief which in popular culture was most publicized when the director of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” experimented with a high frame rate. The movie was shown in theaters in both 24fps and the high fr. Many people who saw it in the high fr hated it, but some of those same people (I am one of them, although I saw it in 24 first) liked it a lot when they watched it in 24. Please read up on the “soap opera effect” before trying to say that a faster frame rate is better, because the person who originally posted the question is on the right track when saying he wants to use 24fps for a cinematic effect. In general, fantasy is shot in 24fps, and reality (live tv for example) is shot in 30 or 60. If this is for a movie/fantasy type story, or to fit into a larger fictional work he should stick with 24, especially now that many people’s video viewing devices have ways of viewing the content that make it look as if it was shot at a higher fr anyway, and they can choose to view it that way if they want. If it is just the capturing of a performance and is to be viewed for the performance’s sake than he should shoot it at 60. It is possible that he doesn’t have the option of shooting some aspects in 24, and others in 60 if it is a performance, although this would definitely be the best option. Really what he should do is try and find a camera that will shoot at 48fps and then drop half the frames for all the parts he does not want to be slo-mo. He should also do a bit of experimentation before the shoot with different frame rates. I know this is an old thread, but I just can’t stand it when I see such ignorance. Here is a link to a detailed article about frame rates and the soap opera effect:
and another:

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