There are certainly advant


There are certainly advantages, and disadvantages, to guest blogging. With a good site the advantages FAR outweigh the negative side effects. On the other hand, a poorly developed, inadequately maintained, over-commercialized blog site can yield too many negative responses and eventually find its way OUT of the Internet community interest zone.

I like having a smaller following of LOYAL readers who read and share my posts, link to/from me, and offer comments (as a rule) that help build readership and reader loyalty, attracting people in the zone of professionalism I appreciate. I like having fellow professionals who occasionally do a guest blog for me and offer me opportunities to guest on their blogs as well. I like having a smaller groups of people with whom I can maintain this personal level, and do not care to overwhelm myself with a site that is saturated with too much, too often, too commercial.

I also prefer to put my energies in doing what promotes my long-term goals: eyeballs, primarily; sales of books ranging from video and marketing how-to, to non-fiction, fiction, short stories and even a bit of political satire; name recognition, visibility and linkage, BRANDING; and, of course, video production business. My ongoing thrust is to establish a series of single-interest websites focusing on ONE aspect of my video or book-publishing business, using key word search groups that land eyeballs, then offer them the opportunity to delve deeper into the services I provide by checking MY OWN links, be they another website I own/use, places where I host my products, such as Lulu dot com, and my blog, or the blogs of those with whom I link.

I sustain and maintain my desired levels of expansion and growth using the smaller community concept, the personal connections I enjoy, my social networks on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and the Videomaker forums, and that’s good enough for me. I want the focus of my efforts to be on me, my brand, business, services and products and not someone else’s, except HERE, of course, where there is a bounty of reciprocal and cooperative community association. Even Videomaker magazine values my experience and knowledge to the point that I am occasionally invited, and paid, to put an article together for the publication.

Comes a time in a blogger, independent professional video services provider and writer’s life when s/he needs to focus on what focuses on their objectives and goals, furthers them, not dilute their efforts by offering good content for some other entity and its readers’ consumption with the hopes I might garner a few more licks from Google’s bots, however happy that might make those search engines.

Good luck with your endeavor. It is, for some, for your group, a good concept, approach and idea, though certainly not a totally new one, and like Gregory and others here, I wish you the best of success and luck.

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