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There are a number of GREAT resource articles at Videomaker (Here’s One) that can give you some direction, but perhaps not exactly what you’re seeking. I will try to address your specific questions here or later when I’ve had some time to think them over – provided, of course, I have valid knowledge that will help rather than further complicate your situation.

A couple more Videomaker articles are HERE and HERE!

But it isn’t shooting or getting the opportunities that you’re concerned with, obviously, at this point. In Texas and California (yeah, football from rag-tag to professional is BIG in the U.S.A.) where I have my experience in football, as well as soccer, baseball, basketball, et al, it is really, REALL difficult to get coaches with tight pockets to go much more than what you noted: $20 to $30 per game. That, of course, is ridiculous considering the commitment to a full season for highlights generation, the amount of travel time, shooting time, clean-up editing and more that goes into your productions. Many coaches are so full of themselves it is impossible for them to react objectively, and the younger you are the more obstinate they can become.

You say: “… now the majority of the team members are backing out. These are the players who don’t really get as much playing time. They, obviously, don’t see a need for it. But the “star” players still want the High Def game footage. So now I have films ready from another 2 games that I filmed and they’re sitting on my desk, waiting for this to be resolved.
“Note: I have watermarked all my films because apparently the teams in my area have a habit of giving the game footage to the players for free, so that they can use it for their highlight films and such. It would be unfair to me for the school to pay 150, and 40 people have the use of my footage at no charge. I also included disclaimers and warning so that theres no way (YOU HOPE) my stuff will end up on youtube without people knowing its my footage.
“My questions are, what can I sell these “star” players now that the school doesnt want the game film and how much should I charge them? Any other comments/advice are greatly appreciated. I did not expect this at all and I am completely lost in this situation.”

According to your original post you got it to the point where “We agreed on $150 per game. In return, I would offer the players on the team a 20% discount on personal highlight/recruiting films.”

My next question would be how many “star” players will sign on the dotted line to commit and perhaps even pay up front for your productions? Five? Ten? Why wouldn’t THEY be willing to sign on and agree to pay you $30 or $15 (depending on the number) to generate the $150 per game? Is that possible?

How much would you want to receive per highlights video? I charge $25 US most of the time, but have set up special arrangements for various special circumstances. So, the STARS would then be out $15-to-$30 per game, and an additional $25 for a highlights video. More, if they want you to do an exclusive play tape that ONLY features them – more editing, of course.

My concern at this point would be how much flack are you going to receive from the team-at-large and especially the coach. Seeing as you say there’s no support group, then the parents (perhaps other school officials) are the only other source you have to reach out and touch with your offers.

I will say this. Regardless of what you come up with you will ALWAYS put MORE into this particular project than what you’re going to be compensated for all your hard work. It will NEVER equal out and will be more a labor of love, way to get experience, get the word out about your abilities, etc.

I’ve had an advantage because I’ve pretty much always had an “in” either with the boosters, parents group, school administration, or even the occasional receptive coach who KNEW he/she could garner support for the project. I’ve even had individual parents who were locked and loaded on their athlete’s potential and were willing to fork over $300 a game for a full season of exclusive footage that focused primarily on their son or daughter. Rare, but it does happen.

I will NOT commit to a season of games for a football or soccer, any other sport, team’s game videos without a minimum of $250 (depending on travel time, etc.) and that paid in advance, or upon delivery of the first game tape and verification of quality. In addition, that season commitment requires a guarantee of 30 or more highlight videos at $25 each, and commitment for my projection services at the end-of-season awards banquet. This past two seasons I’ve not attempted to tie myself up to a gaggle of Friday’s, but when I DID pitch this I got what I note in this paragraph, or I didn’t do it.

What has usually happened is that the support group or individual parent or parents get it kicked off (no pun intended), get me clearance to shoot from the sidelines if I prefer, pave the way with the school officials and coaching staff AND get other parents to come onboard with the project, spreading out the per game costs and usually resulting in my receiving MORE game videos and individual player highlight tapes – provided, of course, the principle parent who hired me is cool with me not being on his/her son/daughter the entire time.

I don’t know if any of this helps or gives you some thoughts you can run with. Let me know and I will dig deeper into my aging brain and experiences. Thanks for the NOD hogwild.

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