There are a lot of things


There are a lot of things to look for beyond the 3 ccd. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen these cameras in action, and they do a decent job. Although they are 3 ccd’s, they aren’t necessarily any better in picture quality than an upper range single chip camera like a sony or a canon. The single chipper would have a larger ccd. Which leads me to my point of ccd sizes, one of the biggest differences in picture quality comes from ccd size the ccd’s on the gs 150 are 1/6th inch. Compared to my Canon GL2 with 1/4″ ccd’s and my Sony HDRFX1 with 1/3″ CCD’s. There is a big difference because of the size of the chips. The other things to consider are lux (low lighting capability) and features such as size, zoom, optical image stabilization, etc. Hope this helps. If you are looking in the $500-$700 range you might check out some of the new canon or sony’s like the Sony DCR-HC90, it looks like a nice, small mini dv camera. Better yet, save up and get a nicer prosumer for the $2000 range:)
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