There are a few solutions,


There are a few solutions, but I have not had direct experience with them so I will not stray you to one product over another.

But, I will say, depending on your budget go for the best quality(read a lot of reviews). Saving a few hundred bucks is not worth the quality in wireless mics(speaking from experience)

Also, depending on your setup you will need to make some choices. There are systems that include a base transmitter and two/four wireless mics. The problem is, most of these transmitters have to be powered by an outlet(not batteries). So if you plan on moving your camera a lot or are short on space and like to move your camera a lot you will have to manage the power cord to the transmitter. If you do find one that is powered by an internal battery you will have to fork up some cash.

Pay attention to the specs on the transmitter. Make sure it has a full spectrum of available frequencies. A life saver is also have a “scan” function. This scans to the “cleanest” frequency in your area.

Good luck, and let us know what you find!

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