There are a few receivers


There are a few receivers with dual frequency operation – but they tend to be the expensive ones too – Sennheiser make some very nice ones. The usual system is to rack up mains powered equipment into 19″ cases. I’ve never seen multichannel battery operated systems. It’s also important to use the manufacturers suggestions as to frequencies as finding multiple channels that work with each other is difficult. Once you get up to four, you also need to think about somebody to monitor and record the output properly. They will fizz and splutter, so somebody being able to monitor the systems and keep them going is essential.

Many manufacturers provide rack’n’ready systems now – usually in 4 or 8 channel versions. However multichannel introduces more variables into the system and is not by any means a plug and play solution. If you get to a venue and discover one of your channels is being used by somebody else, it can take a while to find a new frequency plan that functions properly. Will this other mic interfere with yours? Quite possibly – one of the hazards of multichannel RF – Remember that that most expensive RF system is nearly as good as a 10$ XLR cable!

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