There are 2 types of “larg


There are 2 types of “larger” CCDs.

One type is the physical size ofeach pixel within the CCD. The smaller the pixel, the more light it needs to present an image. Larger pixels can see”better” in low light conditions. So the bigger the overall CCD (1/5, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4) the less light they need to see the same scene.

The other type is more pixels. This provide better resolution and improves picture quality. 720X480 (345600 pixels)is about 1/6 the size of a 1920X1080 (2073600). 2 basic type of digital stability are; 1) move each frame so that the scene appears the same and crop the edges giving you a smaller image. 2) similar to 1 but the frame is enlarged so that the image will retain the pixel count after processing so you get a minor digital zoom on your scene which could pixelate/degrade the image. Keep in ming this loss of resolution might be acceptable over a very shakey and otherwise unusable image.

Optical Stabilization moves the optics or CCD or bothto keep the image stable and does not impact imageresolution.

3 CCD. people think that 3CCD cameras have better resolution because they have 3 times the pixel count.What is overlooked is that during processing the 3 images are added/overlayed on each other. This can provide a small improvement to resolution because of the averaging that goes on but because of the individual colors being recorded, the biggest impact they have is in the color reproduction of the scene.

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