Theodore, I believe that s


Theodore, I believe that sports video is a great niche and there are plenty of opportunities. I trust when you say “home school atheletes” you are referring to your local school. Depending on what your financial objectives are your approach will need to be adjusted accordingly. I was involved in this arena and found there was a limited return on my investment in time & equipment based on how much time I was willing to put into developing the business. Breaking down game films for highlight reels was very time consuming and the market cost for the final product rarely justified the time spent. There is sport video analysis software out there being used by coaches and recruiters. You might check into that if you are willing to make a financial investment and develop expertise. Like any business, you will need to consider the time and cost investment you are willing to make in order to launch a successful business. Most of the time, this type of business has what I call a long runway, you will need to put in a great deal of time & effort and some expense before it takes off.

It all boils down to what you can provide that is not already being provided and at what cost. If you are looking for a few extra dollars to supportyour video interest, you can probably do that once you become known as the go to guy for High Schoolsports. Be prepared to volunteer a lot to get there. Also, check out the local news sources and cable TV local access. You can probably get a press pass that will help you get access to the press box filming area. I rarely had problems getting access. Showing up early andnot taking the best spot when there is a local videographer helps as well.

Let me know if you have further interest in setting up a strategy for your business.

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