“.then selling the video t


“.then selling the video to said lovesick couple and their family and friends…definitely and totally illegal.”

Would it be illegal for the bride or her husband to add the music to their DVD themselves? No.

Re-use of a music CD on other forms for personal use has been accepted by various courts as legitimate “fair use”. In fact, there are services that, for a fee, will transfer your CD collection to your iPOD. Some of their websites are linked from the record label’s sites, so they must be OK with the practice.

What the record companies don’t want to test is that the wedding videographer is probably doing a work for hire. (Those who disagree, start a new thread and we can discuss that issue). As a work for hire, if the couple provides their music CD and pays you to add it to their wedding video, then they, the employer, are responsible for copyrights. Not the videographer / editor.


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