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Judging by job classified ads I’ve seen, I suspect your teacher is right about AVID. It seems to be very popular among studios. Of course, the small independent producers use whatever is comfortabe for them (and their bank accounts). BTW, regarding your comment about Sony Vegas, I wonder if you realize that several brands of video editing software come in both consumer and professional versions. You might be using Vegas Movie Studio, which is a consumer product.

If your goal is to get hired by a production company, editing THEIR movies, I suggest you target a few production companies you’d like to work for, and find out what editing packages they use. And make sure you know what computer platform the company uses. I’ve noticed a lot of heated prejudice regarding Mac vs. Windows. You wouldn’t want to walk into a company, talking about how great one computer platform was, only to discover they’re zealots for the other platform! X-D

If your goal is to make your own movies, then download some free trial versions of all the editing packages and experiment. I know the site for Vegas+DVD Production Suite 7 trial software is:
I’ll let you find the links to the other brands. πŸ˜‰
BTW, I think Final Cut is only available for the Mac. The computer platform a studio (or independent producer) uses affects their choices of software.

Good luck, πŸ™‚
Ken Hull

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