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Thebiggestdifferences between HDDand miniDVis thecompressionalgorithmsusedto storethe videoand how you capture it to your computer.

With miniDV it uses a DV codec which is much less compressed than the HDD mpeg2 codec. This means that if you plan to edit your footage, it will be a bit easier with miniDV as the compression is a little more geared towards editing. I like miniDV’s compression myself because I like to edit my footage (though someone just filming home movies might not care enough).

Also, miniDV needs to capture in real-time meaning if you record an hour of footage it takes an hour to capture that footage. A HDD cam is limited by the connection to the computer, usually USB 2.0, so an hour of video should only take several minutes to transfer. Personally, I like this “con” of miniDV because I sit at my computer and log my footage as it captures (make notes about where certain clips are time-wise and what can be fixed up, etc).

Ofcourse,thereare otherthingsto look atinacamera, suchaszoom,manualcontrol, sizeofthecamera, microphoneinput justtonameafew.

Now, withoutknowing what you wanttodo with acamera,it’shardtorecomendwhich formattorecord onas well as whichcamera for youtobuy. If youare unsure of what you want/needin acamera,take a lookatthe thread titled “Here Be Answers About Cameras, Editing Software, etc”foundhere:

If youareconfusedatwhichfeatures youneed,etc, youcan letusknow what you plantouse thecam for and wecan help you findthe rightcamerafor you. πŸ™‚

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