The VX2000 and VX 2100 are


The VX2000 and VX 2100 are practically the same camera….

The VX2000 is actually just slightly smaller than the VX2100 but you can’t notice.

The VX2000 comes with a 4mb memeory card for photos and the VX2100 comes with an 8mb memory card.

You can still put an 8mb card in the VX2000 so this difference really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme…plus both cameras only take 640×480 STILL photos, I never take photos with these cameras.

Themain difference is that the VX2000 has a minimum illumination of 1 lux….The VX2100 has a minimum illumination of 2 lux.

1 lux is better, but again, I don’t think this feature will matter too much for you, especially if you have just a little bit of light. (2 candles lit in a small room)

Overall, I’m particular to the VX2000, but go with the one for which you can find theBEST price…

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