The Vinten Pro 5 and Manfr


The Vinten Pro 5 and Manfrotto 501 (same head, different legs) are amazingly popular, and although a step up from the consumer models, are not that good really. They do give smooth movement, but the friction controls don’t allow pan and tilt to be finely adjusted. fair enough, with a light camera like the PDs, they are ok – the 503 being a tad better because of the spring balance, but there are better. I have two of these heads and went off them pretty quickly. I’ve got loads of tripods and heads, I kind of collect them – and the Libec for a similar price is a lot better – not much in the tripods – I still like the Vinten legs, but the Libec head (I have a 55) is much better. The 22 is very similar without the multiple drag settings. A diagonal move is much better.

On a camcorder costing 1300-1500, 400 on a tripod/head seems fair to me – even if you have to borrow the money.

If it’s a one-ff job, then more difficult. Do you have a local college that does media studies – maybe they will loan you one of theirs?

If you live in Suffolk, I’ll lend you one of mine.

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