the video i feel should be


the video i feel should be more helpful. yeah they say what they did, but they don’t really say how they did it. so after watching the video 10 times, i was able to figure out what exactly what they did in photoshop. but what they don’t really say is how they exported each of these layers backinto a video from photoshop. through some research i figured that out. but how they got it an acutal video is what i don’t get. i get a video file, but when i play it, i only get one of the layers through out the entire video. and they don’t explain what’s up with putting the .psd file in premiere. what does that do? i don’t get it. and there’s multiple ways i found to import the document. i don’t know which is the right way. there are so many parameters. that’s as far as i got. i had to work off of clues from the video since there wasn’t a clear explanation. i made a post here because i thought that someone on this site, since this is where the video came from, could explain it to me. i guess not. well then i’ll wait for someone to respond, but i guess i’ll have to do this all alone. goodbye.

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