The version of Vegas 7 tha


The version of Vegas 7 that I’ve got doesn’t support flash and as for Premiere, I don’t know.

Which one is better: adobe premier elements, sony vegas basic

I haven’t tried those versions but I do have experience with Premiere Pro CS3 and Vegas’s professional version.
For the most part, I’d say that Vegas is slightly better but these two programs are actually quite similar to each other.
Sony Vegas- very easy to use but just as professional as any other high end editing program. I really like its easy to use drag and drop timeline which allows you to adjust quite a few things right on it. It also offers automatic transitions which are applied when two consecutive video clips overlap which I find extremely logical since a transition is nothing more than going from one scene to another and the duration of the overlap is the duration of the transition (which by default is a crossfade but you can choose from a whole bunch of others). So far it is also the only software I’ve found that allows you to do very quick fade ins and fade outs, something you’ll use a lot, especially when working with multiple audio tracks at the same time. And Sony Vegas is also extremely flexible with formats whereby it doesn’t care about the codec, file extenstion, framerate or resolution but simply allows you to stick everything onto one timeline.
Adobe Premiere is also pretty good. The timeline isn’t as flexible as that of Vegas (like how you have to go into trim mode instead of being in it all the time by default) and I haven’t found a way to create automatic transitions and fade ins/outs but instead have to drag and drop those one by one onto the timeline. It also offers some nice compositing possibilities by allowing you to adjust the size and position of your video right in the preview window but on the other hand, it doesn’t handle video playback very well or at least with the formats I’ve tried (.mov and .avi).

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