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The Twin Cities area, where I’m located, is absolutely NOT a big market. I started my business in the Town of Buffalo, about 20 minutes west of Minneapolis, and there’s one other pro Wedding Videographer in a 15 mile radius, and he’s twice the price that I am. Inside the cities area is where most of my competition comes from, but even out there, there’s not a lot. However, a growing number of them are in WEVA, which is why my thoughts have been drifting that way lately.

Personally, I don’t see WEVA as a serious source of business, but at the most, a "Seal of Aproval" such as joining the BBB might be. Frankly, I’d rather have people take my jobs because I can show tham a good demo video, not because I paid a couple hundred bucks to be in some club. Then again, a couple hundred bucks for a membership, as you said, if it even generates one lead, is going to pay off.

I guess it all comes down to whether I view it as advertising. I run on a super low advertising budget (under $1000 a year) so I can’t go out and spend 25% of that in one hit if it won’t do me any good. Besides, I get much better business through referrals than I do through other advertising anyway. πŸ™‚

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