the trouble is you’re gonn


the trouble is you’re gonna induce shake on one camera, when panning the other… but here’s the easy setup (I already got the gear so no additional cost to me…)

I heavy duty tripod.

one peice electrical conduit pipe 1 to three feet long (paint it black for asthetics).

3 manfrotto superclamps.

two tripos heads.

bolt one superclamp to your tripod quickrelease plate.

clamp the pipe in and attach to tripod.

place two clamps with tripod heads attached on either end of pipe.

attach cameras to tripod heads.

you can shoot wide with one, and use a lanc or remote controller on the other, but any panning or tilting is gonna induce some shake for the other camera. perhaps if you are careful, it will be minimal enough to fix in post with shake removal in software.

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