The trailer and website lo


The trailer and website look polished. Exactly how long was it?
Now that you’ve finished one feature, are you excited for the next?
And how about some details? Tell us about your schedule, crew, gear, etc

Thanks so much for the kind words from everyone. It was a trying event, to say the least. This project was almost a 2 year project, and it only took about 5 months to shoot. If anyone is attempting to shoot a full feature film I have one word of advice. Persistance. It’s not easy getting everything worked out but it is all worth it in the end.

And Yes I’m very excited to start the next one. We have three more films lined up with funding (Thank God). Because this film came out so well the next should go more smoothly. We shot the film with one DVX100, and a GL2 for some shots. Basically it was only a small amount of production people, we had more actors than production crew. I will be sure to keep everyone that’s interested updated on our progress. I’m very excited to continue forward.

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