The tradition of photos is


The tradition of photos is a longer one than video production for weddings especially. The photographs are entrenched in the minds of not only the bridal community; professional quality portraits, and creative photography have long been the ultimate in preserving family members images – all those large family portraits on the walls of everyone from the Olan Mills and/or Sears/K-Mart studio/in store knock-outs, to professional portraiture artists who have made a name for themselves.

Like the painters of old who did oils of people rich enough or famous enough to afford/acquire them, many high-end photographers have done the same, established themselves as the “go to” artists for the name-dropping people with discretionary income. This long-standing tradition has a STRONG influence on people, especially bridal clients. Photos, properly cared for, protected or stored, can last next to forever – not something the early days of video, with its magnetic particle coated mylar tape, scrubbing past rollers, spindles and heads, rewinding, being improperly stored, never repacked, often lying on the sides where gravity comes into play, etc. The element of magnetic tape itself did little to guarantee long-term color and quality retention, losing much of its glory every time it was played.

Only recently, with the advent of digital quality to sustain multi-copy reproduction, DVD and eventually a consistent higher quality for HD, has it appeared that there’s a medium with an archival quality and visual quality that meets or exceeds home film, photographic paper, or even movie film. We, as video producers, have simply not caught up with the long-standing tradition, longevity, quality and timelessness of photography.

Even the advent of instamatics, home cameras and now not only disposable film still cameras, but disposable video cameras as well, cannot displace the professional quality of the creative, educated, talented and informed photographer with the right (AND EXPENSIVE) tools. While, on the other hand, though many, many people who are purchasing rather sophisticated video cameras are editing challenged, even creatively challenged, they still, with the help of this high quality, affordable technology, are able to produce, watch and enjoy some darned decent video.

It STILL, though this is changing with the advent of DSLR cameras (still restrictive price-wise, for what they are capable of doing in a single-use tool – AND though the new Canons and Nikon multi-capable DSLR-Vs are rapidly changing that reality) is “restrictive” compared to the technological capabilities and advancement of camcorders and the media they are capable of recording FOR THE PRICE.

There will soon be a day when, like the Mac OS and PC OS and platforms, video/still camera platforms will merge, the lines will blur until a single unit is pretty much capable of doing either BETTER, or as good, than one or the other. This may not appeal to everyone, but…

The good news is that with the billions of people on this planet, not everyone is going to desire to become capable or even knowledgeable of, or efficient in, the use of either, or both. Nor will everyone get into editing video beyond a basic stitch-it-together and put some elementary titles on it. Probably less than 1 percent of the population will move to that level of production using these ever-improving tools of our trade – be it video and/or photography.

So we who have decided to pursue either photography or video production or even film/cinema production will always have MORE than enough people willing to pay for our professional services and keep most of us, from beginning “prosumer” to top-ranked professional, in business.

It’s coming, but for now the general population of the independent professional video services provider will have to continue working against a long-standing tradition of professional photography and the high perceived dollar value it can bring – an industry that has had a good many more years than video to impress upon humankind its values and perceived quality, and the prices people are willing to pay to have.

I am working on some video shorts, even commercial length concepts, to help convey the differences and reasons for a higher perceived value of video (as a long-term archival and multi-dimensional, creative medium) over JUST photography. I will share when they are ready. The points, IMHO, will be strongly, poignantly presented.

As I note in one of my marketing brochures: “After your wedding, your video will remain.” 1990-2009 Earl Chessher. Go to my work-in-progress website at (only a cover page for now, until I get time to further expand it) and click on the link there. Read my little prose on the opening page of the California Wedding Cinema web site. That site is also soon to experience changes/enhancements and new clips – read the prose, also copyright.

BUT, if you request to use it, or any portion thereof, and promise to give me credit for its creation, I will most likely be glad to give you non-exclusive copyright clearance to do so.

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