The tip ring and sleeve on


The tip ring and sleeve on this mic is wired with tip and ring as signal and sleeve is the usual ground – so the mic is unbalanced and Shure don;t make it easy to find this out, but the info is on their web site. This means that tip/ring will go to pin 2 of the XLR, sleeve is connected to pin 1 and 3. This also means any 3 circuit 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 ready made cable won't work, because it shorts out the audio! However, if you make up your own cable, it will work fine unbalanced.

The reality of unbalancing a balanced input is very rarely as problematic as people suggest. You lose a bit of sensitivity and lose the differential benefits in interference prone environments – but remember a foot of cable is really very unlikely to be an interference problem. If I was going to always use the mic with a camera needing an XLR connector – I'd just chop off the 3.5mm and solder on an XLR!

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