The thing that most bugs w


The thing that most bugs with working on spec is that it’s so backwards from modern society.

Imagine if I walked into a grocery store and asked if I could take the food home, cook it, and then come back later to pay, but then only if I decided it was to my liking and it was the best food out of all the stores I went to.

Or what if I went to a restaraunt and informed the server that I’m going to order the best meal in the house, and after I finish that meal I’m going to deeply consider whether it was what I really needed at the moment and if I could get a better meal elsewhere, and even if I loved the meal, there’s a fair chance I’m not going to pay for it because I just didn’t budget for that sort of expense.

They’d throw me out, and rightly so! ANd yet at times we video producers seem to salivate for the chance to whip up a lilet mignon for someone who might eat it and bolt for the door.

If the client is so sure that they need the video, they need to be willing to pay for it. If they’re not sure, they shouldn’t be trying to get the video produced.

Working on spec is a bit like throwing a handful of darts at a dartboard, hoping one will hit the bullseye.

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