The thing is that i’ve bee


The thing is that i’ve been reading reviews and watching test videos for over month or so, for each and everyone .. And i was certain that i was going to go to the store and come out of it with a camcorder.But after the discussion i had with the salesman, it got me thinking again and i started questioning my picks. I want it primarily to SHOOT videos, not so much pictures, 720p HD quality is enough for me, since my PC is not that great. I will be shooting sketches, short movies, but i don’t think i’m going to be very far from the subject so i don;t think i would need an exaggerated optical zoom. I will be shooting a lot of indoor footage i think, but i will have a 3 point lightning.I guess for the 1 on 1 talk, it would be useful to have a viewfinder to flip round so i can see my own image. As for the mic/headphone plugs, i doubt i will find a camera that offers that in this price range(i’m pretty sure about it). The software won’t be a problem, i already have PowerDirector. But because i never owned a camera before(neither a camcorder or a digital one) it’s hard for me to tell what would be the best pick for me.</span>

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