“The thing I picked up is


“The thing I picked up is this: “Content is still king.”


You heard right. All your gear does is give you the tools to bring your story to life. But before you start fooling around with how you’re going to produce your vision, you’d better have your story down pat.

My co’s latest film was literally produced on the fly in that once the treatment was completed, I began doing a script breakdown as I was writing the script! I had never done that before and the process was interesting, but I don’t recommend it. The main thing that made it all doable was we had a solid treatment going forward. Which by the way was good, because we were putting the last tweaks on the script right up until a week before principal photography started! And without blowing my own horn, my team put together one heck of a flick.

One thing they don’t address though, your film may be ‘good’ and or ‘great’ but it doesn’t mean anything unless you get it in front of people who will like it that can give it the ‘yea’ or ‘nay’. I’ve had films in festivals but I swear, I hate festival review boards. Everything depends on their particular taste at that particular time. I’ve submitted my stuff to some festivals and couldn’t get the ‘dog to chew on it with a steak attached’. But send it to others and not only does it get in, it wins awards.

The weird and cool thing about the web, is there are audiences out there for your work. Good luck finding them.

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