The T3i does have manual


The T3i does have manual audio controls but you can't monitor them while you shoot.


I use a Beachtek XLR adaptor that works well with my wireless mic but not so much with my Azden SGM-2. I've read the pre-amps in the T3i are somewhat weak and that may account for my poor shotgon mic performance (it inexplicably cuts out although the battery is testing as being very good and used multiple cables.) I've not thoroughly tested the mic with other devices but a cursory look at my setup shows no other issues.


I have gone to a Zoom audio recorder for recording audio. I have the H2n but wish I had stepped up to the H4n to start with. Oh well, th H2n still does the job it's designed for. It just has to be used in conjunction with the Beachtek for XLR inputs.



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