The Sony VX2100 sounds per


The Sony VX2100 sounds perfect for you. Easy to use, great picture, shoots well under low light…it’s just an awesome camera. I recommend the Sony PD170 over the VX2100 though. They are the exact same camera except the PD170 has built in XLR connections. I know you said the mic isn’t important because you do voice overs, but you never know. Maybe one day you will need to connect a lav. to someone, and fiddling around with an XLR adapters is annoying IMO.

So the VX2100 and PD170 sound perfect for you. I’d look for use ones off Craig’s List so that you can meet in-person with the seller to make sure the camera works properly. You may get lucky and find a someone who is selling there SD stuff so they can make the move to HD. It will be cheaper than buying a new one, which are around 3 grand.

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