The Sony products that I’m


The Sony products that I'm familiar with only support audio and video. There's a comparison chart of the different versions (Movie Studio and Pro) at

The Vegas Pro Suite ($800 list) includes Vegas Pro, DVD Architect Pro for DVD authoring , Sound Forge for audio enhancement/sweetening and HitFilm 2 Ultimate for a expanded range of video FX.

Details of this package are at

There are sales from time to time so never pay full price when you can wait a while and get it cheaper (sometimes a lot cheaper!!).

It doesn't make much difference these days but Vegas is developed in Madison, Wisconsin so you're dealing with local people.

Sony is a huge company with lots of different divisions who rarely if ever speak to each other about new hardware and how to integrate them into their own software πŸ™

Up until Pro 12 Sony was releasing a new version of Vegas once a year. Pro 12 has been out for over a year now and there are no signs of a new version. Instead, they've chosen to fix bugs and improve the current version which we as users are very happy about. There have been 8 updates since the original release, all free to registered users.


I would definiitely agree about the ease of use. I work at a local community college and can get students doing basic editing with as little as 1 hour of instruction.


Nothing against Adobe but the only product of theirs that I've ever used is Photoshop. I started computer editing a "few" years ago with a Commodore Amiga which I loved and hated to see the product die an early death. From there I switched to a company called DPS and their NLE dpsVelocity. During that time I started using Vegas 1.0, an audio-only package for audio sweetening for my tape-based edit suite. Following a job change, I started using Vegas at version 4 and have never looked back. It allows me to do what I have to do and to be as creative as I want to be. I have to admit that I am not as good as some users I know as some of them are amazing. There are a number of add-on programs from various companies that will add to your capabilities.



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