” The Sony ‘nightshot’ use


” The Sony ‘nightshot’ uses ‘ghetto’ infra-red in that it cuts down on the color signal from the chip. I wouldn’t recommend using it for a day shoot. Are you trying to alter the recorded colors to get a ‘Matrix-green’ look or are you trying to simulate night? If you’re trying for the Matrix look spare your poor camera and do a color correction in your NLE software. If you’re trying for night, use an ND filter (ND4 if your camera has it) or get some window tint to put in front of your lens. Don’t make it too dark, because it will make it tough to ‘tweak’ the look in post.”

I’m pretty sure the goal is to see through peoples clothes. there was a Sony pulled off the market some years back for precisely that reason.

only three posts by this user, two on teleconverters/telephoto attachments and one on using ir during the day….

probably a freak that wants to see through womens tops.

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