THe SOny HDR-SR11 or SR12.


THe SOny HDR-SR11 or SR12. I’ve got the SR12 with a 120GB hard drive.

No fireware, but darned awesome camera. The Hard drive is terrific, because all you do is picked the camera and go. Yeah, the battery has to be charged.

The camera has a LCD screen and a viewfinder, which is a nice feature in the smaller size cameras.

It’s just a handful and you can carryeverything you need in a small bag just aboutthe size of a ladies purse.

It’s got amini-hdmi on the camera to hdmi. I just plug it into the TV an Voila!

I got mine 1025.00 andthink they’re cheaper now.

Here is a link to CNET review of the SR12

Yikes… they are now $879. at – I haven’t had mine much more than a month, and wow! I’d say it’s a flippin’ bargain at that.

Oh! and I gotthe camera I orderedwith no flim flam or screwin’ the troops. If the price is too cheap, watch your back.

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