The simplest idea would be


The simplest idea would be to get a domain name. This should cost at most 15 dollars per year and can usually be paid for up to 10-12 years in advance. Once you have the domain you rent space from a web host, this is usually a monthly fee (usually with discounts for payng multiple months at a time) and varies greatly based on the provider and services offered. Many providers offer templates and other site building resources like easy to set up chat-rooms and forums.

Don’s idea would basically require that you run the Mac mini constantly as a web server, which unless you are really technically savvy I would never suggest to anyone. Any power outage to the computer, or other computer problem and your site would go down. Any disruption in your internet service would cause the same problem. I think that it is usually a better idea to contract out technical services out in situations like this one.

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