The simple answer is that


The simple answer is that you can’t. Not into Vegas 6.0d anyway. There is a very detailed post on the *.TOD files and how to use them in NLE’s. The boiled down version is pretty straightforward. The files you download are similar to MPG compression, but they are not. Unless you have the proper codecs available in your NLE, the files will cause errors and fail to convert the video. So you are left with two options, upgrade your NLE to Vegas Home Studio Platinum or you will have to have the *.TOD converted by another program. (Perhaps you might be able to use the camcorder to put out an MPG file you can use.)

In terms of a conversion program, I don’t know of one myself. But you might find options in converters at (part of the c-Net network.) I found a killer MP4 converter (using H.264 codecs) that has multiple pass encoding that delivers excellent quality. And it is freeware! But anyway, the *.TOD format is a variant of MPG encoding. If you can find the proper codecs to install, you may be able to get Vegas 6.0 to recognize them. But I wouldn’t count on it.

Good luck, don’t forget you can get a free month of use in the trial version of the Platinum update. I’d recommend giving it a shot before you get too frustrated.

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