The short answer is that you


The short answer is that you won't be getting rich, regardless your capture. Saddly, "incredible" footage isn't often as valuable or rare as you might think.  For instance, if it's of a bird hatching or eels mating, it has to be crystal clear, high resolution, no shake, perfect color, etc, etc for a stock house to even want to rep the clip.  Then ask yourself, how many people would want to buy crystal clear footage of birds, eels, etc.  You won't get a paycheck until they sell the footage to someone else and they will take a big chunk of the revenue.   I'd contact any of the companies that sell stock footage.  Google is your friend.  

If the footage is not top-shelf, professional quality, another option is monetising it on YouTube.  If it has popular appeal like your example of the all you can eat animal buffet, then ad revenue from views is probably your best bet.   

If the footage has no popular appeal, isn't professional quality but has scientific value, you may contact a local university with a related department.  They won't pay you for the footage but you might get a pat on the back.  Couple that up with the loose change in your pocket and you can buy a coke in the machine on the way out of the building.


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