The short answer, Alex: Be

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The short answer, Alex:

Because you agree to work for less than half rate. I so understand the fear in sticking to your guns. Often, I have to freelance for as little as 60 an hour. Why? Because on thos particular days I know that’s 60 an hour I otherwise would not have made. I don’t see it as canibalization. That’s rare though and for only select places that will benefit me later. Do I get offered half that all the dang time? Sure I do, we all do. It’s a matter of saying no thanks as it’s just not worth your time. I can’t tell you how much it stings when I’m in that house at 60 an hour and someone calls wanting to book me in my suite for my normal rate. It’s a gamble sometimes but again, when I do accept terms I’m not tickled with, I try to time so that it doesn’t actually cost me money. Don’t freelance for 25 an hour, man. Don’t even do it for 40. PLaces worth working for know industry standards and, often, they are not looking for average standards so they are happy to pay premium to get top notch talent. I can tell you this…. it;s far better to be known as the best in town than the cheapest in town.

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